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Achieving Buy-In

Patrick Lencioni, author of the Five Dysfunctions of a Team, has said that people need to “weigh-in to be able to buy in.”

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Silence = Agreement

“I don’t have the time to fix this. They just need to speak up.” You can absolutely take that approach, but think of all the time being wasted in meetings where you aren’t getting the best from the people in the room.

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Leading During This Election

I would be using this opportunity to show each and every employee that they are valued as an individual and that discrimination of any kind, along with demeaning or disrespectful language is not acceptable in any form.

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Meaningful Time, Well Spent

People want to know when they attend a retreat, team development function, offsite or strategic planning session that their time will be spent on meaningful work and that they’ll have an opportunity to build and deepen relationships with their colleagues.

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Looking at Things Differently

What can you do to encourage yourself to see situations differently? What reminders are available to you to be certain you are gathering enough detail or finding the beauty, even in challenging situations? How can you commit to taking unique and creative approaches that might yield better results for your organization?

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Be Intentional

Working relationships are made through the hundreds or thousands of interactions we have with our colleagues and those we lead. It is essential to be intentional in our interactions to build positive, productive relationships that benefit our organization.

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How has your past prepared you for your future?

We are all the sum of our past experiences.  The skills and abilities you have today are the result of the cumulative personal, educational and professional experiences you have had, among other things.  Our pasts can also create biases, blindspots and areas of...

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Meaningful Leadership Opportunities

"You can decide.  Should we have Chips Ahoy or Oreos?" An appropriate question for a child after dinner, but not an adult co-leader on a wilderness trip who has been asking for more leadership opportunities. This was an actual response many years ago on a trip my wife...

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Scott Jurek, Baxter State Park and Social Media

As a social media manager, I would have never posted what they chose to post. What did they hope to gain? Did they carefully consider the tone of the post and all of it’s implications? Was it just one person who had an axe to grind, or was this decision made intentionally by a group of people knowledgeable about social media and the possibility of negative backlash?

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Leadership is an Adventure

True North is happy to announce a new program.  This workshop is perfect for summer sales meetings, off-site retreats and in-house training days. Leadership is an Adventure This mentally challenging and inspirational workshop engages your team through reflection and...

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Leaving Tracks

Winter in Minnesota is a tremendous time to be out in the woods. Along with the natural beauty, and sometimes stark conditions, it is usually the best time of year to see signs of animal activity. On a single, long trek this winter, I followed wolf tracks for over a...

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