Recommendations and Comments

“Jerritt conducted a workshop on ‘Endurance Leadership’ for the Madison Nonprofit Day Conference ( October 6, 2015 ). The workshop was well attended, in fact overly full. The participants loved him. The exact words, used numerous times, were: “He was great!”


“Jerritt did a great job of allowing discussion to unfold with good guidance and direction.”


“Jerritt has done a wonderful job incorporating the lovely landscape of the Gainey Conference Center and team development with the groups he has worked with at the Center. The individuals and team come away stronger from Jerritt’s exercises and motivation. I would highly recommend Jerritt and True North to any of our groups looking for a unique challenge activity!”


“I found the training very enlightening.”


“He was clearly living what he spoke about, and that came through.”


“Thought-Provoking. Resonating.”