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Praise, With a Dash of Criticism

Kids are smart.  This was illustrated for me once again on a recent long drive with my family.  Somehow we got on the topic of people who offer too much praise, and others who don't offer enough.  According to my 10 and 14 year-old kids there's a "just right" mix of...

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Time to Focus on Your Team

There's an old saying, "The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago.  The second best time is now."  The same concept applies to focusing on your team's performance.  Work teams are always changing, people come, people go, responsibilities or staff structure...

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Trust Falls Won’t Help

“Trust is not the ability of team members to predict one another’s behaviors because they’ve known each other for a long time.” Patrick Lencioni

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Is it Time for a Check-Up?

It’s important that we check in regularly on how our teams, and the individuals who make them up, are doing. It’s also sometimes important to do things that may be unpopular, but are good for the long-term health of your team.

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Breaking it Down

When you tackle something major, how do you break it into manageable chunks? How do you measure progress while making sure you aren't getting pulled in the wrong direction? In last month's post, Keep Moving Forward, I wrote about pushing through obstacles to find...

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Achieving Buy-In

Patrick Lencioni, author of the Five Dysfunctions of a Team, has said that people need to “weigh-in to be able to buy in.”

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Silence = Agreement

“I don’t have the time to fix this. They just need to speak up.” You can absolutely take that approach, but think of all the time being wasted in meetings where you aren’t getting the best from the people in the room.

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Leading During This Election

I would be using this opportunity to show each and every employee that they are valued as an individual and that discrimination of any kind, along with demeaning or disrespectful language is not acceptable in any form.

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Meaningful Time, Well Spent

People want to know when they attend a retreat, team development function, offsite or strategic planning session that their time will be spent on meaningful work and that they’ll have an opportunity to build and deepen relationships with their colleagues.

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Looking at Things Differently

What can you do to encourage yourself to see situations differently? What reminders are available to you to be certain you are gathering enough detail or finding the beauty, even in challenging situations? How can you commit to taking unique and creative approaches that might yield better results for your organization?

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