Scott Jurek, Baxter State Park and Social Media

As a social media manager, I would have never posted what they chose to post. What did they hope to gain? Did they carefully consider the tone of the post and all of it’s implications? Was it just one person who had an axe to grind, or was this decision made intentionally by a group of people knowledgeable about social media and the possibility of negative backlash?

Leaving Tracks

Winter in Minnesota is a tremendous time to be out in the woods. Along with the natural beauty, and sometimes stark conditions, it is usually the best time of year to see signs of animal activity. On a single, long trek this winter, I followed wolf tracks for over a...

John Huston–Polar Explorer Part II

This is the second part of an interview with polar explorer John Huston about his unsupported trip to the North Pole with Tyler Fish. What was the biggest challenge you faced while on the ice? How did you overcome it? Besides the interpersonal tension, the southerly...
John Huston–Polar Explorer

John Huston–Polar Explorer

In April of 2009 John and his expedition partner, Tyler Fish, became the first and only Americans to travel “unsupported” from land to the North Pole. This 55-day, 475-mile journey has been accomplished by only 13 expeditions and has been called the “toughest...